Apple introduced its online high-yield savings account a little over two weeks ago and in the first four days, nearly a billion dollars were invested by Apple customers according to a report by Forbes.

High-interest savings accounts earn considerably more money than savings accounts in a traditional bank. In 2 weeks, $6,000 at 4.15% earns a little over $9. That’s more than some traditional savings accounts will earn in a year.

What can be a problem with Apple and other online bank accounts is that it is tied to your phone. And if something happens to you, how can your family members access that account?

Online accounts, such as Apple’s new savings accounts do not have traditional bank branches, making it difficult for a family member to speak with a bank customer service agent.

Even if they have your phone password, and really, how many people know someone else’s passcode, getting into an online account can be difficult. For example, withdrawing money from an Apple account may require login with Face ID.

Apple’s Savings accounts are through Goldman Sachs and the money is FDIC insured up to $250,000. So, it’s safe in the bank. But here’s what many people may miss: setting up beneficiaries to allow family members to withdraw funds should something happen to you.

There’s information you need to keep somewhere other than your phone. On an Apple savings account, Tap the three dots at the top of the screen and choose ‘account details’. This is where you connect your account to other accounts, add money, and withdraw money.

On the account screen. Write down the routing and account numbers and account information and store them somewhere safe. Under account information, set up beneficiaries. You’ll need their social security numbers and date of birth. To manage your beneficiaries you’ll be asked to contact Morgan-Sachs over the phone.

A lot of people may miss this. If you set up an online bank account, don’t skip this step. Your family will thank you for it.