A viral video being shared on both Facebook and Instagram appears to show the mythical
creature Bigfoot.

Train passengers passing through Colorado just happened to be recording video of the scenery when a mysterious figure walked on two feet through the countryside before kneeling down as the train passed.

Fortunately, for the people who saw it, they were already recording video.

Other passengers may have tried to record it themselves but couldn’t get the camera app opened quickly enough.

How many times have you seen something (not necessarily a 10-foot hairy creature maybe) and
couldn’t get your smartphone out and recording quickly enough? It’s the difference in having a
video go viral and just a story to tell your friends.

Apple has a feature called “Quick Take” for iPhones that enables users to quickly start recording
video by eliminating a couple of steps we all think we have to take.

Even if the phone is locked, you won’t need to use Face ID or a passcode. At the bottom of the
screen is a camera icon you can hard press to open the camera in shooting mode. Even easier,
is just swiping left on a locked screen.

It’ll open the camera in the shooting mode you used last. If it’s in photo mode, you can begin
recording the video by holding down the red shutter button. When you lift your finger off the
shutter button the camera will stop recording.

You can also continue recording but remove your finger from the screen by dragging the red
shutter button to a white circle at the top or to the right of the shutter. Placing it in the white circle will lock the shutter open and continue recording.

You may know you can snap a photo by clicking a volume button. You can also record video this
way by holding down the volume up or down button on the side of the phone.
The quickest way to begin shooting video on a locked iPhone is to simply:
● Swipe left on the screen
● Hold down the volume button

You can also use Quick Take any time while in photo mode by holding down a volume button.
“Quick Take” does not record video in the highest video format. For the best video quality, you’ll
need to be in video mode.

On an Android phone, the fastest way to capture video is to tap the camera icon on the screen.
It’ll ask if you want to record a video or take a selfie. There’s that extra step, but you can also
control the record/stop button by pressing the volume up or volume down button on the side of
the phone.

These are smartphone camera shortcuts everyone should know.