Does this sound familiar? You’ve just met someone and you’d like to exchange contact information with them.
Me: “Text me your number”
Them: “Here you go”
Me: “Got it. what’s your last name again?”
Them: “I need yours too”
Me: “Great. What’s your email address?”

Five minutes later you both have one another’s contact information saved on your phones. We
don’t even think about this process but it can be a lot easier. And faster.
In iOS 17, Apple users can exchange contact information by simply tapping their phones
together. It’s called “Name drop”. To use it, open the contacts app and tap “My card”. If they’ve
updated their phone to iOS 17, just tap the phones together or bring them close. Each phone
will get a pop-up with the other person’s contact information which can be saved to the Contacts app with just a tap.
If it doesn’t work, make sure you have AirDrop turned on.
Android users have had a similar feature for years.
An even better way to share your contact information with someone is with a digital business
card. Linq and Popl are two of the most popular options. These require you to set up a digital
business card on the company’s website. You can include more than just your name, phone
number, and email address. Both allow users to share websites, social media profiles,
documents, and payment systems.

The digital business cards are equipped with NFC chips so all someone needs to do is tap their
phone on the business card or a sticker on the smartphone case. Both companies have
standard business cards, bracelets, key rings, and watch bands. These can also be customized
with a business name or logo.

There is no subscription required for basic sharing of information but both Linq and Popl have
premium services that allow users to share even more and accept payments.
I cannot stress enough how helpful these digital business cards and accessories are at
business events or anywhere else you’ll be meeting a lot of new people. The business cards
themselves are around $5 each.

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