Memorial Day isn’t just about the opening day of pools, the unofficial start of summer, and the Indianapolis 500. For some reason or another mattress, sales have become a Memorial Day tradition.

Each year there nearly every mattress store and furniture retailer offers some of the best deals of the year on mattresses and other sleep products.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important and Americans aren’t getting enough. According to the Sleep Foundation, between 10%-30% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia, and up to 48% of older adults have insomnia.

Companies that make sleep products such as mattresses are turning to technology to help people catch more Zzzzs. Every year hundreds of tech companies release new products and inventions that promise to help you sleep.

One of the most inventive ideas to come to sleep tech in quite a while is the Rocking Bed. A platform that gently rocks the box spring and mattress back and forth as if you’re sleeping on a cruise ship.

SleepNumber has a line of 360-Smart Beds that absorb excess heat and releases it as you cool during the night. These beds also track how you sleep and provide a “SleepIQ” score when you wake up.

One of the more interesting products I’ve seen recently is the Perfectly Snug smart mattress topper that features air conditioning and a heater built into the topper. The company loaned me one for review.

The Perfectly Snug topper is a soft mattress topper like others you might buy. Inside the topper are fans at the foot of the bed that blow cool or warm air throughout the topper as you sleep. Queen and King Sized bed toppers are dual zoned so one person can be getting warm air pumped through their side of the bed while the other person feels cool air.

The idea is to improve sleep by keeping the body at a comfortable temperature overnight. Many people may prefer climbing into a nice warm bed at first but after they fall asleep they may wake up in a pool of sweat.

The Perfectly Snug topper adjusts the temperature of the air during the night. The temperature is controlled by switches and buttons on each side near the sleeper’s head. Or, using the accompanying app, users can set their preferred amount of cool or warmth for each night of the week. The app allows the topper to begin warming the bed before you climb in so it’s warm.

After 30 minutes of warming, a sleeper might want to cool the bed which they can do through the app. Each person can adjust the temperature for their side of the bed.

There’s also a foot warmer that is set separately from the fans. The only knock my wife had with the topper is the fan noise. I found the fan to sound similar to the white noise machine I used.

How well does it work? I usually have no trouble sleeping for about 7 hours and the cool air blowing through the mattress didn’t change that. I never felt like the topper was blowing air too hard to sleep. I haven’t had it long enough for cold winter nights.

High-tech sleep is costly. The Perfectly Snug toppers range in price from $860-$1,600 while the Sleep Number 360 smart beds are between $1,400-$2600. A King Size Rocking Bed is priced at $9,749.