I probably have more things plugged into my computer than most people. For my work, I have a microphone, camera lights, monitor, speakers, multiple USB hubs and portable hard drives, a Google Nest Hub, a computer camera, and other assorted power cables. I counted nearly a dozen devices that either connected to the computer or to electricity. So even when the top of my desk is cleaned off, there’s still a tangled mess of wires behind and around my desk.

Looking for some ideas to clear the clutter, I turned where most young people turn. TikTok.

TikTok is crazy about outlet covers that hide traditional power outlets. The plastic covers fit flat
against the wall, with one cable leading to a 3-port power strip. At first glance, you can’t even tell if it’s a power strip or an electrical outlet. I picked up two for $26.

I also picked up a couple of wire trays or baskets to get the clutter under control. The shelves
connect to the back of most computer desks to hold larger power strips and the wires plugging
into them.

I disconnected everything from the computer, turned it off, and unplugged everything else.
Then I began connecting and hiding cables and plugs inside the wire baskets attached to the
back of my desk.

I fit everything that would normally connect to the power strips with room to spare. I used cable
management stickers to keep wires leading from the power strips from dangling under the desk.

Unfortunately, using a standing desk prohibits me from attaching devices with short power
cables that need to reach the computer tower on the floor.

TikTok is right, these shelves tidy things up nicely for about $25. Two outlet cover power strips
were $25 as well.

Searching for things in storage bins in a closet, garage, or storage room can take a long time
unless you know where to look. TikTokers recommend a pack of QR Smart Labels to keep things organized. You simply take a photo of what’s in the bin, box, or tub and add a written description of what’s in it. Then, slap a QR Code sticker on the box.

When you’re looking for something, just search for it in the app and the QR sticker will help you find it and show you what’s inside the box. There’s no need to open tubs or boxes until you just stumble onto what you’re looking for. A pack of 48 stickers is $16 the app is free.

Do they work? Did TikTok get it right? I think so.

All three gadgets helped me organize my workspace and, in time, my cluttered storage closet.

Who says TikTok is just a waste of time?