TEXOMA (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s a vision the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank has.

“We need everybody to be aware of that so we can fight it,” Wichita Falls Area Food Bank CEO David O’Neils said.

But without your help, the Food Bank can’t achieve its goal of ending hunger during Hunger Action Month.

“Really [the] purpose behind Hunger Action Month is for us to create awareness around hunger in our communities and the need to feed individuals in the 12 North Texas counties,” O’Neil said.

From Throckmorton County to Wichita and Jack to Foard County, the rate of food insecurity in the 12 counties is 15.4%.

This is higher than the rate of Texas at 13 percent and higher than the national average at 10 percent.

“Wichita Falls is classified as rural when it comes to those statistics,” O’Neil said. “So, it’s not only Wichita Falls, but it’s all of the smaller communities that make up North Texas. The Haskells, the Archer Citys, the Grahams, Olney, Nocona. I could go on. But all of those have some type of food insecurity that’s going on.”

Hunger Action Day is also around the corner on Friday, September 15, 2023. It’s a day food banks and Feeding America call people to advocate to end hunger.

“We love people to be advocates, and that’s things that they can do in social media to raise awareness of that,” O’Neil said. “We love our volunteers for them to be here, and we also love to have donations.”

Together, Texomans are working to end hunger in our community.

To volunteer at the Food Bank, click here.