WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For more than five decades, Meals on Wheels of Wichita Falls has been catering to those in need of a hot meal. But over after 50 years officials said it’s time for a change.

On Thursday, September 1, 2022, Meals on Wheels officials announced a change that will change the organization for decades to come.

Meals on Wheels of Wichita Falls is now Meals on Wheels of Wichita County, expanding its coverage beyond the city limits of Wichita Falls to serve those in need of a meal all over the county.

Jackie Hamm, Meals on Wheels’ Chief Executive Officer said she’s expecting the number of clients they serve daily to skyrocket after this announcement, but thanks to county commissioners they’ve got something that’s going to help in a big way.

Every day, volunteers, including KFDX Morning Anchor Jaron Spor and KFDX Photojournalist and Associate Producer Jalen Wells take time out of their day to deliver meals to clients.

But, for clients like Jamie Armendarez, it’s more than just a meal. He said it’s delivering compassion and a conversation to those who may not interact with anyone for the entire day, and it’s something he appreciates.

“It’s helping a lot of people and it’s helping you know us, and I’m glad they got the program because there’s a lot of people out there I mean, I’m 93 years old and I can barely walk now,” Armendarez said.

Thanks to a $190,000 grant, Meals on Wheels of Wichita County is able to expand its coverage area to cater to those in need across Wichita County.

“We’re going to work simultaneously with the other providers here in the county and we’re going to pick up the slack and service those areas in the county that none of us we’re serving, we realized during COVID that there was a greater need than our previously covered service area,” Hamm said.

With the help of a brand new delivery truck to help carry hot and cold meals to individuals outside of Wichita Falls city limits, something Wichita County Judge, Woody Gossom said is much needed.

“They’re getting older, their mobility, all of us, I’m noticing at my age that I can’t do things that I did 30 years ago so this relieves them of maybe of the stress of, gosh do I want to get in and drive into town to get a meal or not or go to the grocery store,” Gossom said.

And with a greater coverage area comes the need for more volunteers.

“We’re not exactly sure how many routes we’re going to be handling outside of the city limits area, so we’re putting all that together, right now we’re going to run it with a driver that’s paid through our staff,” Hamm said.

Hamm said she’s confident the community will step in and step up to help those across the county.

Hamm said the new delivery truck will be hitting the road for the first time ever on October 3rd, as you heard they are always in need of volunteers. If that’s something that you’d be interested in, click here.