WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For the first year ever, Base Camp Lindsey is hosting a haunted house and this isn’t your average haunted house. This one’s a little bit different.

Base Camp Lindsey will one day serve as a home for homeless veterans of Wichita Falls, but for now, it will be the location for an event called Haunting at the Falls Asylum.

“It sat empty for 13 years, so we bought it from the city to turn into Base Camp Lindsey. Now we’re still fundraising. It’s sitting empty, it’s already old and creepy so we’re going to make some money,” Base Camp Linsey Board President Chris De La Garza said.

The location itself has a haunted history.

“The building was built in 69′ as Lane Nursing Home. It changed names a few times and it shut down in 2007 when it was the Cedar Falls Nursing Home. It’s an empty nursing home and the one thing about nursing homes is you can guarantee that there’s going to be spirits there because a lot of people have passed away in these halls,” De La Garza said.

Individuals can pay $10 and a small group will be guided through the asylum-themed haunted house. All proceeds go to the $900,000 needed to restore the building.

“It’s not your typical haunted house, where you just go cattle shoot. We’re going to take tour groups through and there will be a guide that is going to meet them at the back door and let them in the building. Everyone will be given a green glow stick so that’s your night vision because the building has no power,” De La Garza said.

But this haunted house is a little different.

Yes, there will be creepy characters, but there have been several paranormal teams to investigate the building, and some say there’s something else there.

“We know that we have several spirits in the building. We have video and audio evidence, so we’re going to just take what we’ve got and we’re going to make it work,” De La Garza said.

The haunted house will be Fridays and Saturdays in October from 7 p.m. to midnight. Children under 12 are discouraged to come.

If you’re looking for a good scare for an even better cause, you can come on out to Haunting At The Falls Asylum.