WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Drug usage has always been a dangerous thing, especially to kids and young adults.

Perhaps if they don’t know the dangers, they aren’t sure why they shouldn’t do them?

“Our job is to prevent substance use, it’s not just talking about the substances. It’s really teaching them life skills and giving them opportunities to do things with their life and future goals that keep that oriented to stay away from substances,” Serenity House Impact Youth Prevention Director Amber Gilmore said.

Closing the Pipeline is an event designed to educate students about these dangers. It’s called ‘closing the pipeline’ because the goal is to stop substances in the community from influencing the youth.

“Learning those coping skills that prevent substance use. We have a lot of reasons people turn to substances whether it be mental health, anxiety, or just it being in the family, in the home. And so providing our youth with the opportunity to see here are things you can do that don’t involve substances, and that’s our goal,” Gilmore said.

This will be the eighth year this event is being held for the public.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, there are several local resources that could help.

“The Public Health District always has a lot going on. They’re here supporting themselves today, but recovery center and Helen Farabee, which is our local mental health authority, those are going to be your number one places if you’re suffering from substance use disorder,” Gilmore said.

Even without famous spokesmen or slogans, kids are walking away from this event with the exact same message.

“Don’t do drugs,” Riley Rhine said.

Due to COVID, this year is the first time the event has been able to gather since 2020 and they were thrilled by the community turnout.

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