WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The team at CrashWorks STEAM Studio and Makerspace has been waiting for this moment for a long time. They’re all moved into their new location on 900 Indiana, and it’s bigger and better!

“A little stressful, but really exciting! It’s really great that now we have the capability of hosting a lot more events at one time, bigger field trips, bigger parties, more space for everything,” owner Shauna LaRocque said.

LaRocque brought CrashWorks to the area after seeing the need for fun, hands-on creative exploration in Wichita Falls. When she saw how receptive everyone was of all the great projects they do, she knew it was time to expand and now they just keep on growing.

“We’re doing moms night out, the everyday Monet whose a local, she comes and teaches you how to paint. She’s coming in and doing a bunch of things with us. We’re starting brushes and brunch which is you come in and get mimosas, food, and learn how to paint with the added bonus that we have child care available while you’re doing it,” Larocque said.

The new space provides plenty of room to do that. There’s a mini Makerspace for the little ones, paint and crafts stations, a lab, and even a party room you can rent out for events.

LaRocque says though, they just want to empower the next generation of makers, artists, and engineers.

“Creation is born out of necessity and it’s definitely something we needed in the community and while moving, buying a building, and all the things were stressful it’s something I feel glad that we can offer,” LaRocque said.

So, no matter your age, be sure you come by and check the new place out!

“We have a lady who comes in and brings in her adult daughters once a month and they come in and create things together and I just love that we have a space where families can come in and do things like that,” LaRocque said.

September 16 is Fire and EMS appreciation night at CrashWorks. CrashWorks is located at 900 Indiana Avenue.

To find out more about all of the great things CrashWorks has to offer, click here.