WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — You’ve probably been at some event around town and seen some awesome fruit carvings done by local chef Earl Carter. Well, he’s always looking to get more people to give fruit carving a try but this time he’s got a friend and famous chef to help tell folks all about it.

Roses into a watermelon, or a swan into a squash, these two can make just about anything.

“So I started imitating some of his things and started going to different artists and then one day, I found out he was going to be in Texas in Amarillo and we were supposed to connect back in 2019 and it didn’t happen. But it’s 2022 and he’s beside me,” Carter said.

Carter, also known as the fruit technician, has been making fruit carvings locally for years now, but when master fruit carver chef Ray Duey announced plans to stop in town, the two knew they had to get together.

Chef Duey has made a whole career out of fruit carving, but he got into the trade by chance.

“So you go in the back and you fake it until you make it, so now 46 years later and three months and assorted days and weeks later I’m a little bit closer,” Duey said.

A lot closer, Chef Duey is now a world-renowned fruit carver, making carvings for your favorite shows and even making carvings for the White House.

“I have competed on the Food Network twice and won once. I just competed on Disney+ on Foodtastic with Keke Palmer, the White House, TV, you name it, I’ve done it. All of that stuff, I have a knife well traveled is the saying at our house,” Duey said.

Clearly, the skill could be very fruitful, too. The hobby can quickly grow into something much bigger so he encourages everyone to give it a try.

“Chef Duey has shown me some other skills, it could be quick, efficient, and beautiful. He does some amazing work,” Carter said.

Remember, if you can imagine it, you can bring it to life.

“The secret to carving is Nike’s business model, ‘Just Do It’. So one of these times you’re just going to have to have a nice quiet afternoon with no disruptions, grab some fruit, grab a knife and let’s see what kind of magic can happen,” Duey said.

You can catch all of this fruit carving action very soon! Chef Duey will actually have a booth at the Texas State Fair this year!

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