WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — With May being National Water Safety Month, these instructors want to remind everyone that it’s crucial that you and the little ones learn how to swim since time at the pool is likely on everyone’s to-do list this summer.

“First off, you don’t want to drown so it’s important to keep yourself above the water,” North Texas Rehab Swimming Instructor Andrew Wake said.

In the U.S., more children ages one to four die from drowning than any other cause of death, and that scary statistic is why the swimming instructors at North Texas Rehab and the Wichita Falls YMCA want to encourage folks to keep some water safety tips in mind.

“I would say most definitely the first thing is just water safety, water safety is key, especially with those younger children making sure they supervised,” Aquatics Coordinator for the YMCA Aaron Matthews said.

Matthews says they answer calls about swimming lessons all day.

“Uncountable numbers of people. It’s something that we love to do. Our mission is to always make sure that there’s someone being taught how to swim and swim correctly,” Matthews said.

A mission that Wake says they too help do through their lessons, and while they’re teaching everyone to swim, they could also use some extra instructors too!

“What we do is we start out by teaching them to float on their back and if they get tired, we’ll have them float there and keep themselves above the water then we move on to strokes and teach the kids how to move and get faster and just enjoy swimming,” Wake said.

While you’re never too old to learn how to swim, these two say the earlier you introduce your child to water, the better.

“Most of the Earth is water so if you want to go anywhere you got to know how to swim. So that’s why I think swimming is important. It’s so much fun to just like swim around, and explore beaches and lakes,” Wake said.

“Even just learning those little, little small skills, learning how to jump into the pool or get to the side of the pool get out of the pool, those are all big skills that all children and adults need to feel safe around the water,” Matthews said.

Swimming, a great life skill to have to help families avoid the worst.

Now for information on how to sign up for swim lessons at either facility or if you wanna become an instructor at North Texas Rehab, click here for North Texas Rehab and here for the YMCA.