WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It may be hard to believe but this hot and dry summer has been good for one thing, keeping those pesky mosquitoes away! But with the recent rains and more expected to be on the way, you’ve probably been hearing that annoying little buzzing sound lately.

The city has been doing tons of spraying throughout several different neighborhoods as well as setting more traps out this year, but they can’t do it all and are asking the community to do their part.

They’re annoying, they’re invasive, but most importantly they can be very dangerous, and they are here.

“Our mosquito levels were really really low. We were only really seeing them out in the county areas where there’s a lot of irrigation activity but here in the last two weeks we’ve had rain and we have seen an influx in mosquitoes and with that, an influx in mosquito complaint calls,”Environmental Health Administrator Samantha Blair said.

Blair said all summer long they’ve kept a close eye on the mosquito population doing everything they can to combat the problem and help keep the numbers low.

“We routinely go out and check areas in the public right away that hold standing water and treat those for mosquitoes and our treatments that we place in there lasts, depending on what we’re putting in there 45 to 90 days,” Blair said.

While also spraying consistently throughout Wichita County, Blair said there are ways you can help combat the problem around your property by getting rid of any standing water.

“Most people know that if they have rain barrels they need to screen them and make sure they’re treating, but they don’t think about, hey that children’s toy that whenever it gets flipped over upside down collects a little bit of water in the rim,” Blair said.

She said you also want to make sure your gutters are clear and that you wipe down anything that had water in it.

“Some of our mosquito species will actually lay their eggs right above the water line because they’re waiting for that next rain to happen,” Blair said.

Besides causing an annoying itch, Blair said mosquitoes can actually be deadly.

“On the more serious side mosquitoes can also be the vector to or carriers of several different diseases. Here in Wichita County, our primary disease of concern associated with mosquitoes is going to be West Nile Virus,” Blair said.

Blair said they typically start seeing species carrying West Nile around this time of year, but she said luckily they haven’t discovered any so far this summer.

Blair said if you do have a severe mosquito problem you can call and request to have your neighborhood or area of living sprayed. Click here for more information on how you can do so.