WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls is home to many hidden gem photo spots and historical locations that bring in tourists from all across the United States.

If you’re passing through town for work or fun or if you live here, there are so many different locations all across town that would make for the best photo spots to show off your trip!

We’ve spent weeks scouting and have gathered together a list of the most Instagrammable spots in Wichita Falls to help you adequately document your time in Wichita Falls, Texas! From historic landmarks, cute small town craft coffee spots, to the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered.


Historic Places

The World’s Littlest Skyscraper

Locals who know the tale will tell visitors the story of a Philadelphia oilman named J.D. McMahon who came to town promising to build a skyscraper office building.

After selling $200,000 in stock to investors and heading on his way, no one involved seemed to notice or mention that the blueprints were in inches and not feet.

By the time investors saw the finished skyscraper, with a height of 40 feet tall, McMahon was nowhere to be found and the same goes for their money.


Wichita Falls attracted many immigrants in the early 20th century when the search for black gold was booming. One immigrant, Morris Bernard Zalefsky, learned the jewelry trade from his uncle. He opened a store in Graham but due to Ku Klux Klan activity in the area, Zalefsky moved back to Wichita Falls in 1924.

Zalefsky Americanized his name to Zale and opened his own store where Karat sits now on March 29, 1924.

Hotter’N Hell Hundred

This mural showcases the annual 100-mile bicycle ride that takes place on the highways of Texoma.

The ride was named “Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred” because people travel from all over to bike these 100 miles in the Texas heat, which during summer is about 100 degrees or more! The Hotter N’ Hell Hundred first came about in 1982 as a celebration of Wichita Falls and the tenacity of people who chose to put down roots in Texoma.

The now classic cycling event has gained the traction of over 4,000 volunteers and over 13,000 cyclists registered.

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Coffee Shops

8th Street Coffee

It’s been a few months since 8th Street Coffee House celebrated its grand opening in its new location.

In December 2021, Downtown Wichita Falls Development visited the shop for a sneak preview before the opening and shared some photos with Texoma’s Homepage.

Though we have shared a few photos of the inside, we decided to take a few ourselves to post on Instagram.

On Instagram, the #8thstreetcoffeehouse has just over 200 posts from the original location.

Collective Coffee

After spending a couple of years as a mobile cart, owners bought their brick-and-mortar in March 2021.

They offer coffee from Colombia, Kenya, and Ethiopia, along with trivia nights, pop-up food trucks and live entertainment.

Collective Coffee and Community has been tagged in over 200 posts and makes a great spot to relax, read a paper, socialize, or if you’re a student, do some homework.

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Street Art

9th Street Art Studio

With its exposed brick and solid wood rafter, 9th Street Studios brings new and unique character to this large 1900s commercial building. Inside there are five artist studios that come together at the main gallery.

Artwork on the outside of the building and nearby adds an extra touch of intrigue to the already artsy building, making for a fun stop if you’re walking through downtown.

Eye Mural

Other artwork


Hidden gem? Perhaps. Maybe not if you know your downtown spots. After snapping a few pictures at the Wichita Theatre, we stumbled upon this area scouting out locations and saw this as a great way to get the creative side out.

Located right on the corner of Indiana Avenue and 10th Street, these trees provide a nice background to let the creative side run loose for some wide angles.

The Falls

Located in Lucy Park, The Falls provides people a chance for great picture opportunities and lets your creative side unleash.

The original falls were destroyed due to a flood in the 1800s according to the city’s website. The Falls were reconstructed in the 1980s. The multi-level waterfall sits on the south bank of the Wichita River and can be seen by drivers on I-44 as they cross the bridge.

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Downtown Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls Theatre

The Wichita Theatre has quite some history to it and began as an Opera House built in 1908. The Opera House made its first show debut to a sold-out crowd who came to see “His Honor, The Mayor”.

In 1939, after remodeling, the theatre reopened as a state-of-the-art movie theatre. Now, the theatre has come full circle producing and becoming home to live musical entertainment!

Casa Mañana

Home of the famous red taco, Casa Mañana has been a staple in Wichita Falls.

The restaurant has seen great success since 1937, hitting the milestone of 75 years in the making in 2022.

Located right on 8th Street, the brick-and-mortar has a great neon sign out front perfect to snap a photo and share. Also, the building is decked out with a violinist dressed in mariachi clothes with a hidden surprise, and a great backdrop to take a picture with to show you stopped at Casa Mañana!

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WFTX sign

Located downtown in Park Central, this placemaking sign was unveiled in December of 2021 with hopes of being a gathering point for folks living in or traveling to Wichita Falls.

“A placemaking sign is where people go where it’s a sense of their town or who they are, so we’re hoping this is a step in bringing people from Wichita Falls together. So, when you drive by it’s such a cool thing, it’s a selfie for people who want to stop and you’re always going to remember that ‘WFTX’ that you saw as you were driving through downtown.”

Jana Schmader, Executive Director at Downtown Wichita Falls Development

Ohio Bridge

We covered some spots in Wichita Falls but certainly not all of them. This is a great way to get out and explore your city. Let us know what Texoma towns we should cover next by sending us an email.