WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — New and returning Midwestern State University students are unpacking in their new dorms after Mustangs Move-In Day for the fall semester.

“We absolutely love the energy of this day,” Director of Residence Life and Housing Kristi Schulte said.

Midwestern State staff and volunteers joined at the Clark Student Center to get students checked in during Mustangs Move-In Day, and Peer Educator Marcus Morris said he’s excited for students to start a new chapter.

“This right here, is the moment that marks new beginnings, new people coming into MSU,” Morris said. “I just love it. I’m so glad to be here.”

Students gathered at the Clark Student Center to check in and get their key, then moved on to their dorms to unload.

“I think part of the move-in process that we really talk about is ‘How do we make this feel like home and how do we make this feel like a place where they belong?’, and so it’s important for them to be greeted by enthusiastic volunteers,” Schulte said.

Volunteers like Deserai Cagle said she wants to help students be involved and feel right at home.

“I didn’t have, like, the most experience when I went through it, but the events I did go to was more exciting, more fun – getting to know all these people and knowing that I could have friends,” Cagle said.

At the dorms, students were met by volunteers, including the MSU football team, to get unloaded and items moved up to their room, and as students start the new semester, Cagle and Morris have some advice.

“I would just take a deep breath, go at a slow pace, don’t rush yourself into anything and try not to stress out too much,” Cagle said.

“Don’t be afraid to come out. Every event is for returns, new students, graduate students,” Morris said. “If you ever want to come out, come out to events. We’re going to have a lot of them.”

Students will have plenty of time to set up their room and feel right at home before classes start on Monday, August 22.