WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Prior to the closing of Fiesta Mariachi, Nacol’s Jewelry purchased the building and is now planning to put together an unexpected business duo.

Nacol’s Jewlery has been in Wichita Falls since 1889. They are the oldest and largest jewelry store between Dallas – Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.

Now, they are expanding but with a unique spin. Alongside the jewelry store, there will be a full storefront bakery.

After being at the Kemp location for 40 years, the family-owned store figured it was time for a bigger space. The new location will be almost three times as big as the current store.

“We’re going to be relocating this location to the old Fiesta Mariachi location,” Nacol’s employee Shelby Turnbo said. “When you’re buying a diamond ring, it could be really intimidating, and so what we’re trying to do is make a whole new experience exciting and really comfortable for people.”

The new location will have a bigger showroom, and with all of the extra space, there will be an intresting addition added to the business.

“We’re going to have a bakery, so if you want to get an engagement ring or diamond band to go with your engagment ring, you can sit down and have a wedding cake tasting,” Turnbo said.

The bakery, named Wonderfully Made, will be led by head baker Shelby Turnbo.

Turnbo started baking when she was 16 years old.

“I started really low totem pole for baking, and I remember sitting down with my parents after getting my first check as a cake decorator, and I just couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do what I love,” Turnbo said. “So, really excited to join two businesses together.”

Wonderfully Made has provided cakes throughout North Texas and southern Oklahoma for years, but now all of her dreams are coming true.

“We will for sure have wedding cakes and special occasion cakes,” Turnbo said. “Everything else on the menu we’re still trying to work through. We’re doing some research on the market to see what everybody is wanting.”

The old Fiesta Mariachi will have to undergo major renovations before Nacol’s moves in, so there is no exact move-in date set.