WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The red carpet is coming to Texoma as the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture is preparing to shine the spotlight on our region’s very own cinematic history.

With the help from our local museums, the Alliance will bring those old Hollywood vibes front and Center for everyone to enjoy.

“I am so excited to let our community know that we are in North Texas, bigger than just this regional area, that we really have participated in – directly or been directly influenced by – the world stage,” Alliance Programs Manager AmbeR Day Scott said.

The Texoma region has been impacting Hollywood cinema for decades.

That’s why Scott said for this year’s Regional Museum Network exhibition, she wanted to turn her focus to the screen.

“And so having an exhibition about our relationship to cinema, whether we inspired it or we had side effects from it, this exhibition will be an exploration of those things,” Scott said.

Scott has enlisted the help of 12 of our local museums to help put together this exhibit, including places like the Burkburnett Historical Society, for example. If you’re a fan of old Hollywood movies, then you know just how much the city of Burk has impacted film.

“Everybody in Burkburnett identifies themselves as Boomtown, and we think back, ‘Well where did that come from?’ And it’s not just our history, but it’s from that movie, that 1940 movie that incorporated all of the big stars at the time: Spencer Tracey, Clark Gable – you can’t get any bigger than that, but it was about Burkburnett and about the boom in Burkburnett, the oil boom and how that affected the area,” Russell Miller, a member of Burkburnett Historical Society Boomtown Museum’s Board of Directors, said.

Hollywood’s Golden Age classic film “Boomtown” is about our very own Burkburnett. Showcasing that kind of history is what this exhibit is all about.

“The theme of the exhibition is ‘Reel to Real’, so it’s taking the movies r-e-e-l and how does it compare to what’s r-e-a-l,” Miller said.

Miller said their contribution will tell the tale of Burkburnett throughout the years, and he’s thankful to the Alliance for the opportunity.

“My favorite moment is working with a museum who didn’t immediately think they had something to contribute to this theme and then discovering they had this total treasure that they could feel pride in,” Scott said.

“You know, there are other communities that call themselves boomtowns, but Burkburnett is Boomtown, USA, and Hollywood made us that way, so we can’t argue with that,” Miller said.

The entire group exhibit will be on display at the Museum of North Texas History from September 1 through October 8, so be sure to stop by and check it out.