WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — There’s a new addition to the beautiful painted fiberglass horses around Wichita Falls at the Texas Oncology Center, and it has a very meaningful message for its patients.

A chief radiation therapist at Texas Oncology showcased her art through a painted horse named Hope to represent brightness in tough times for cancer patients.

“Together we talked about what we wanted it to represent,” Chief Radiation Therapist Nell Nations said. “The main focus was, of course, cancer ribbons, which you can see on the horse, but also to symbolize hope for cancer patients; so I did a little research and came up with this design that I think represents hope in a lot of ways.”

The design took several months in the making, and now many members of the community can go see and be inspired by a sign that reads “Fight Cancer,” a sunrise and bluebonnets painted around the horse.

“It’s kind of an homage to not only Texas with the blue bonnets but also Wichita Falls with the motto, ‘Blue skies, golden opportunities.'” Nations said. “Hopefully something that represents brightness to patients as they come into the building and go out.”

Nations, who got diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2020 and had to go through surgery and chemotherapy, said doing this project got her motivated again.

“The opportunity to do this was also a good way to get me motivated again and inspired looking forward to the future and having something nice to look at and as well to say ‘Thank you’ to my colleagues and team members and physicians who work here,” Nations said.

Colleagues like radiation therapist Maria Acosta, who has worked with Nations for four years, said she is a very artistic person, and many patients can connect with her being a cancer survivor.

“She personally knows what our patients have to go through, and that’s very insightful because she knows how patients feel,” Acosta said. “She can connect with them in that sort of level, and she can comfort them in a way patients find comforting, and they know they can trust her and us because she trusts us to provide care for and be there for them.”

Texas Oncology Center and Nations want to encourage everyone to get their cancer screenings, and follow the advice of physicians.