WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Thanks to community members, a 14-year-old Iowa Park girl can rest a little easier knowing that she has $10,000 to go toward medical bills and other expenses.

Addie Myers has been in and out of the hospital fighting multiple bouts of COVID-19, so we here at KFDX partnered up with Herb Easley, Electra Hospital District, McBride’s Steakhouse and several more businesses to hold a fundraiser, and the community did not disappoint.

All morning long, volunteers worked like a well-oiled machine preparing hundreds and hundreds of to-go boxes or burger meals as part of the Patties for Addie benefit.

“Our best, most precious asset is our people, and you can just look behind me there and tell, every time we do something like this, the employees at the station just come out in droves, and they volunteer for things like this,” KFDX/KJTL General Manager Wayne Reed said. “Sometimes I feel like we get more out of it than the family, but ultimately, the real winner here will be the family of Addie Myers.”

Out of the ten grand raised, several thousands of those dollars came from huge delivery orders all across Texoma, something that Blake Andrews with American National Bank and Trust said is just the Texoma way.

“We try to do as much as we can for whoever we can and whenever we can do it, so it’s kind of fun, and it’s a great time for us to get out here together and have fun and do something for somebody,” Andrews said.

Although Addie couldn’t be at the event, her grandmother said the entire family is very gracious for the funds raised.

“We are tremendously touched; I was so hoping we could talk to somebody today to let everybody know how much the family appreciates this and all the people that have come together to do this for Addie,” Donna Myers said. “She had a bit of a setback and is struggling some, and I know the family, my son Cody and Lindsey, my daughter-in-law, how much they appreciate this.”

Showing that when someone is in need of help, they can call on the community for a helping hand.

Of course, we at KFDX want to thank everyone who volunteered or donated food, and thank you to all of you in the community that helped raise $10,000 for a family that desperately needs it.