WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Each year, the staff at Presbyterian Manor does all they can to make sure their veteran residents are always honored.

“It doesn’t cost anything. It just takes a couple of minutes, it’s going to make you feel good and it’s going to make that veteran feel good to receive it,” Presbyterian Manor Marketing Director Jerri Thomas said.

11 straight years in fact. And so far, they’ve surpassed their goal of 300 cards all 11 years.

Thomas says seeing the 50 or so veterans’ reactions is what it’s all about.

“While most people are going on picnics or going to the lake, boating on the Fourth of July, we want these veterans to get this thank you, from a stranger, someone they don’t even know. So it really kind of touches your heart when you see that happen,” Thomas said.

The same goes for the vets receiving them.

“Staff here is outstanding and I don’t say that because this young lady’s here,” World War II Veteran Dale Nelsen said.

40-year Navy veteran Nelsen, who was aboard the fourth wave to storm the beaches of Normandy 78 years ago, says each year, more and more people use email. So getting cards thanking them for their service makes it that much more special.

“They don’t have enough time to write a card and hope you’re doing well. It’s kind of not too much, but these cards that we get because of our service are treasures. They really are,” Nelsen said.

Plus, staff really makes it easy on the community. You just have to head to their website, pick which card you want to send and add a message for a veteran. And, Thomas adds the community always comes through.

“We get so many that just heartfelt and people are appreciative for the service that the men and women gave for our country and the sacrifice, and we want all the seniors to know that no matter how long ago it was, they’re not forgotten,” Thomas said.

A few easy steps to make a meaningful impact on those who put it all on the line for others.

You can begin sending cards to veterans on Wednesday, June 8, and click here to visit the Presbyterian Manor website to send a card.