WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — After a post on Facebook, about a dozen community members jumped into action to help six golden retriever puppies that were dumped on the side of the road.

“By the time I got here, 20 minutes later, there were cars lined up and down the street just an outpouring of wonderful people coming to try to help these dogs.,” National Golden Retriever Safety Network Coordinator Mike Petsch said.

Petsch says it was refreshing seeing the community come together to help so quickly.

“What I saw were puppies running through the field. One gentleman had two of them already and there literally were folks crawling under rail cars with a storm coming to save these scared pups,” Petsch said.

The pups were found in front of a scrapyard on Allendale Road, dirty and flea-infested. As of Monday, July 4, one puppy is still unaccounted for.

“These calls are somewhat sad to think someone can dump off animals like that but then you get there and see the outpouring of support. Strangers coming together for the common good and it was like a well-orchaestrated machine,” Petsch said.

Petsch is asking community members to keep an eye out for the remaining puppy who faces dangers ranging from the heat, passing vehicles, and wild animals.

“They’ve been on their own for a little bit obviously, so try not to approach them with too many people at once. Bring a treat, bring some food, just gently get them to come to you,” Petsch said.

Petsch says the Golden Retriever Safety Network will make sure that all those puppies rescued will have a safe home.

If you do find the last pup, contact animal control or visit the Golden Retriever Safety Network website.