WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — When you’re watching a movie, you might not know where a lot of that comes from.

“We did Salt, Eagle Eye, Hawaii Five-0, Army Wives, Jack Reacher, Transformers, all the Mission Impossibles, but we have Mission Impossible 5 coming out. Oh, NCIS,” Super Thin Ribbons Meghon Lowder said.

And even the number one movie in the country.

“Yes, Top Gun Maverick,” Meghon said.

But for the Lowders, it’s just another day on the job at Super Thin Ribbons.

“The movies are fun, even though I have seen none of them, but everyone says the ribbons and medals look really good,” Marcie Lowder said.

So how does a family in Wichita Falls get this connected with Hollywood?

Well between Marcie’s husband Chris and her dad, they both had extensive military backgrounds and Chris being a movie buff, couldn’t stand seeing easy mistakes made.

“So when he saw things on TV… he was like that is wrong, this is wrong,” Marcie said.

“He would see things and say ‘why aren’t we doing those?’ and that’s what kind of made me start making calls initially,” Meghon said.

Meghon made calls and calls and some more calls until they made connections and the rest you can see on the big and small screens!

“You wouldn’t think that the movies or the ribbons and medals in a movie that’s going to gross a million or billions of dollars, not millions but billions, that they came from here. Certain components of it came from here in little Wichita Falls, Texas. It’s just kind of one of those fun fact things, little did you know,” Marcie said.

But for this family, it means so much more off the screen.

“The movies would not get made without their stories, the true stories, and I think all of us have to remember that,” Meghon said.

Having met three prisoners of war and countless veterans with touching stories, the ribbon and medal work they do for past and present military takes on an even more important feeling.

“I take great pride in that. That we can serve the best military in the world and I think that gets lost a lot, especially in today’s society,” Marcie said.

One that really can’t be matched.

“I don’t want anyone to ever think that it gets lost, that we are here because of the military and not because of the movies,” Marcie said.