WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s hard to maintain your yard and garden in triple-digit temperatures, so we asked professionals for a couple of tips and tricks on how to keep your yard “Better Homes and Gardens” ready.

Donnie Long, owner of Longo Landscape, has been doing landscaping for 37 years, so if anyone knows the tricks to a healthy lawn in Texoma, he’s your guy.

“We’re having a problem with the wind and the heat,” Long said. ‘It’s just melting everything, so what I would recommend is to try to put it on another zone, water it four times a week.”

Long said the best time to water your lawn is at night to avoid as much evaporation, and changing lawnmower settings could help with the appearance of the yard.

“Try to raise your level on your lawnmower; instead of mowing it 2 inches – if you got bouteloua – try to mow it on 3 to 3.25 inches,” Long said. “That will help your root system. That’ll make it a little shallower, but it’ll also keep your grass a little greener.”

Now if your yard is dead, don’t panic. It’ll grow back.

“Bermuda will always come back, you can’t kill it,” Long said. “It’ll go dormant if it doesn’t have enough water, and if it gets too bad, just let it go. It won’t die, it’ll come back.”

Long suggested you should be watering your grass a minimum of two times a week.