WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — You may have noticed a line going out of the Danny Foix Shell station on Southwest Parkway Thursday around noon.

That’s because gas was rolled back for one hour to only 2 dollars and 38 cents from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, August 25. That’s around 85 cents cheaper than what you can find around town at the moment.

It was all part of the “True Cost of Washington” event held by Americans for Prosperity, as well as 13th District Congressman Ronny Jackson in hopes to shed some light on the spike in gas prices, but why $2.38?

Congressman Jackson said that’s the average price of gas the day that President Biden took office.

For one hour only, folks were given the chance to be taken back in time, a time where life seemed much easier and cheaper.

“People are hurting right now on how this is devastating,” Jackson said. “The price of gas is devastating the American economy and hard-working people.”

According to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Strategies for AFP, 75% of Americans reported being negatively impacted by the increase in gas prices over the years, with 61% placing the blame on President Biden.

Jackson said it’s time to pump the brakes on Biden’s green energy policies.

“We cannot sustain this kind of punishment and this kind of assault on oil and gas anymore; we have to fix it, we have to go back and we have to stop with the green new deal garbage that the Biden Administration is trying to push down our throats,” Jackson said. “Especially here in Texas, we have to stop the assault on oil and gas, and we have to get these gas prices back down to $2.38 a gallon every single day and keep dropping it, and we will do that.”

The sentiment is something that Bridget Eminger agreed with, seeing that she was paying $5.50 for gas in Washington state.

“Oh man, this is amazing; you haven’t seen these prices for, what, three years now, almost three years, two years,” Eminger said.

Jackson said there is a plan to combat the high prices.

“We got to get the House of Representatives back, and we got to get the Senate back,” Jackson said. “I say we the Republicans, so that we can stop this stuff, we can put a stop to this legislatively if we get the house and the senate back, and that’s what we need to do. People have to focus and go out and vote in November if you want to see these gas prices on a day-to-day basis. go out and vote for Republican on the ticket.”

Until then, Jackson said he’ll be touring the U.S., raising awareness of the true cost of Washington.

Unfortunately, the event only lasted an hour, so the gas price for the Danny Foix Shell station is back to its normal price.

Supporters of the president say the reason gas prices were so low two years ago was the lack of demand for oil due to the pandemic.

For more information on the “True Cost of Washington” tour, click here.