WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Sweeping, weed eating and pulling weeds: Those are some of the jobs volunteers tackled for the annual downtown clean-up as Hotter’N Hell is right around the corner.

“We welcome so many visitors, and so with Hotter’N Hell happening in downtown, we’re going to see a lot of people down here. We know that if our streets look clean and our spaces look beautiful we’re going to get those people to come back,” Downtown Wichita Falls Development Executive Director Jana Schmader said.

From Scott to Ohio and 7th to 10th Street, volunteers did their part in cleaning the streets. Boy Scout Troop 11 joined in the effort, feeling they made a difference in the community.

“Seeing that we could at least do a bit of a difference to clean up downtown is probably going to make me feel good about myself whenever I see downtown more clean,” Boy Scout Jaxon Policky said.

“Pretty good. I’m just happy we could do what we can,” Boy Scout Auryn Barker said.

Troop 11 walked down Scott Street with rakes, brooms, and trash cans cleaning up to tidy up downtown.

“I love seeing the kiddos down here. My kiddos are down here, my staff’s kiddos are down here, so it becomes a family affair, and I always tell my kids, you know, it’s instant gratification to be able to clean up and look down and you left something better than you found it,” Schmader said.

Volunteers that showed up now have a sense of community pride by keeping the streets clean. Something Schmader encourages others to do around the community.

“Volunteering is such a great way to get out for your community. You know, a couple of hours like this morning is a great way to give back. So, I always encourage people in the community if you can find a way to volunteer for a couple of hours, it means a lot to the community to do so,” Schmader said.

Making a difference with friends.

“This my best friend Auryn here,” Policky said.

And other members to show off their city pride.