WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The next time you’re able to drive across the railroad tracks downtown at 7th Street, you’ll notice they’ll be much smoother to cross. That’s all thanks to the Wichita County Action Network, or WeCAN’s, hard work on the 7th Street Project.

Over the years there have been growing concerns from residents of Wichita Falls about the condition of the railroad crossing on 7th Street and thankfully some improvements are on the way.

“We took it upon ourselves to empower ourselves and decide to work with the city to see if we could have a better safer crossing here at the railroad. So with collaboration as I said earlier with the railroad and help from the city and our organization came together as a group to accomplish what you see behind us,” WeCAN’s public relations spokesperson Debra Bacashisua said.

These improvements didn’t happen overnight.

President of WeCAN, J.W. Harris says they began work on this project way back in 2015, and once the tracks are completely repaired, they’ll be adding a safe pedestrian crossing so that every resident can cross safely.

“We’re here to be of service, that’s our main purpose for being organized [and] we try to be involved in projects that will not only help our community but help our city as well,” Harris said.

After collaborating with the city and BNSF Railway, who owns the tracks, new asphalt and railroad tracks have been laid, and in a couple of weeks, everyone will be able to see and feel the changes. Changes that are long overdue.

“It’s a milestone for the city as well. There’s been three other organizations other than us who have tried to accomplish this safe crossing and open it up to the other communities involved with Wichita Falls and we just didn’t give up and here we are,” Bacashisua said.

And now that this project is nearly complete, the WeCAN group is looking for other areas to improve.

“We can bring about a major change right here in this area as far as beautification and a whole lot of other things that can be done to uplift our city,” Harris said.

And improvement to these tracks? Well, it’s a great start! The construction on the tracks is expected to wrap up sometime this month!

Click here for more information about how to get involved with WeCAN.