WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Videotaping has become an everyday occurrence with all the technology.

Over recent years, police departments have begun using this technology as well.

“It’s required that we turn on our audio and video anytime we stop anybody, whether they’re on foot or in a car. We come across them and turn it on before it was just audio but now they’ve got video” Wichita Falls PD Sgt. Charlie Eipper said.

In seven states, law enforcement officers are required to wear body cams. Only a handful of officers in WFPD have them, but they are looking to expand the number of body cams soon.

“We have enough where all of our motorcycle guys have them because they’re not able to have the onboard cameras on the motorcycles so they have them. There’s 11 of those total so for the future, we would like all patrol officers to have a body cam,” Eipper said.

But just like any other gadget, these body cameras are expensive.

“Just like you said, it is expensive and we’re hoping that as technology grows, the technology we’re looking for will become less expensive, just like everything else,” Eipper said.

But although pricey, they can help to keep everyone safe. Eipper said the cameras are for the protection of both citizens and officers.

“For police officers, two things, it protects us from any false allegations and it also provides evidence. For the public, it’s also a protection for them to make sure that when we are in contact with them, everything is recorded.” Eipper said.

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