WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— What started off as a typical night of patrol for Wichita Falls Police Officer Blake Mawson quickly took an unexpected turn.


“Nothing is really normal but I knew whenever I was pulling up I was close and I was in the area when I got called so I knew I would probably be the first one there,” Officer Mawson said.

Officer Mawson usually works as a Night Patrol Officer, protecting citizens and carrying out all of his usual police duties like he has done for the past four years, but on Sunday he would go the extra mile in saving a life.

“I pull up, dispatch did a good job telling them to leave their flashers on so I was able to see the car pretty quick I pulled down the street saw the flashers, pulled up behind them I knew given the call notes that it was Fentanyl related and I had Narcan with me,” Mawson said.

When Officer Mawson arrived to the 2200 block of Yale he saw what we’ve been seeing far too often, a 16-year-old overdosing on the deadly drug Fentanyl, a sight he says was hard to see, but one he was prepared for.

“I ran up to the car and backseat and saw him and he’s just like almost sleeping but there’s no breath coming out and the first thing I do is open my Narcan up and issue it to him [and] a few seconds later he gets some breaths out and at that point I knew we had a chance here,” Mawson said.

It was that swift action that made all the difference in saving the victim from becoming yet another statistic.

“I didn’t know when he took this stuff all I know is I roll up and I see him there and this is the only shot he has pretty much so yeah it was good that it was within that time frame and we were able to get that to him,” Mawson said.

Officer Mawson says while he’s proud of himself, dispatch, and AMR all being in the right place at the right time, he wants everyone to understand how deadly this drug can be, especially if help is out of reach.

“But it is dangerous and it is fatal and like I said within a matter of minutes you’re standing up doing one thing a minute later your done,” Mawson said.

For now though Officer Mawson says being called a hero is fine, but he says he’s just doing his job and he always will.

“I’m going to work tonight and who knows what the night is gonna bring, it’s just gonna be another night where we know what we need to do when we get these calls and we’ll handle them how we need to handle them,” Mawson said.

A true example of protecting, serving and saving. Officer Mawson will be getting a life saving bar for his heroic action.