WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls now has 13 new officers on the force but they say getting here today wasn’t easy.

“The most interesting experience I’d have to say was getting tased. I’ve never experienced something like that so knowing I actually had to do that and talk myself through making it,” Lewanda Chatman said.

Over the course of 26 weeks of intense training, they faced 40 tests, including intense agility tests challenging their physical and mental health preparing them for the field.

“Tased. We had to go through a defensive tactic week, wrestling, getting in fights, learning to get through them and be conscious of everything, watch your surroundings, keep your head on a swivel,” Dylan Omvig said.

The officers came from all over the country.

Officer Omvig is from Minnesota and says WFPD’s Facebook gave him the sense of community he was looking for.

“We drove down here for every test so I made five, six trips down here during the whole hiring process. 16-hour drive, one way,” Omvig said.

Others are Wichita Falls natives who just want to protect their community.

“I have a son and with everything that’s going on in the world and the stuff you do see on the media and all, I don’t want him to grow up scared to call the police. I want them to know that there is good police and I want him to know your mom is one of them and if they need us, we’re here.”

After taking their oaths, these 11 men and two women are confident they are ready to serve Wichita Falls.

“The schooling has been fantastic and given me an utmost sense of confidence that I can do this job,” Jacob Reed said.