Texans to vote on 10 Constitutional Amendments


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Texans will soon take to the polls to vote on 10 State Constitutional Amendments ranging from animal retirement in law enforcement to cancer prevention and research funding.

Some of the 10 statewide Constitutional Amendments pertain more to Texomans than others, but the League of Women Voters of Wichita Falls’ president said this shouldn’t stop voters.

“They’re still important to some section of Texas and our section of Texas may be on the ballot next time, things that we’re particularly interested in that we would like to see pass, and if we don’t educate the rest of the state on how important these issues are then that defeats the purpose of having this election,” League of Women Voters of Wichita Falls president Kaye Holland said.

One proposition ensures law enforcement animals can live with their handlers or other qualified caretakers once they retire.

This is something the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office is already doing after going through the courts.

“That animal has been able to go to the handler who’s had that dog and basically trained and raised that dog all the time so instead of giving it to the humane society or something like that, we don’t do that,” Wichita County Sheriff David Duke said.

Duke said it’s important for the dog to go with its handler who already knows how the animal may behave.

“Animals are like humans, we have good days and bad days and sometimes if you have that crazy uncle joe that may just twist off sometimes, you don’t want that to give somebody that don’t know the actual background that dog’s been through,” Duke said.

A majority vote is all it takes to pass any of the proposed amendments.

“People are going to decide one way or the other and if it’s not the way you wanted it to be and you didn’t show up to vote well then that’s it,” Holland said.

There are pros and cons per person, per proposition and voting gives you a chance to have a say in the way Texas operates.

Another amendment that will be voted on is deciding if Texas residents want to make sure they’ll never have to pay a personal income tax.

Prop. 4 bans the state from imposing a state income tax.

It requires a two-thirds vote in both the Texas House and Senate and voter approval.

The election is Nov. 5 and early voting starts Monday, Oct. 21.

The LWV of Wichita Falls issued a newsletter breaking down each amendment.

Click here to read arguments for and against each proposition as well as polling locations.

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