YOUNG COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Once emaciated, living in a dog graveyard and eating scraps of clothes to survive, Nugget’s dog days are officially over.

Nugget, an abused golden retriever from Young County, can finally relax after her foster family of only a few weeks decided to officially adopt her on Monday, October 30, 2023.

When she was found, Nugget was starving and weighed only 17 pounds.

Now, she’s twice her original weight and has gotten used to a regular feeding schedule. Her foster family was instrumental in her recovery journey, spending countless hours nursing her back to health and creating an unbreakable bond.

Amanda Schupbach, a board member of the Young County Humane Society, and her family rescued Nugget after hearing about the golden retriever’s tragic upbringing. After only three weeks of fostering Nugget, the family decided to officially welcome her into their family.

“My heart was attached, and I wasn’t ready to let her go,” Schupbach said. “We discussed and discussed and discussed, and finally made the decision to let her stay with us.”

While Schupbach said she originally felt nervous about welcoming Nugget to the family, it has been a seamless shift.

“It was a really easy adjustment,” Schupbach said. “From the day we brought her home from the shelter, she fit right in with her fur sisters. The fur brother [a cat] was a little more hesitant about it, but he’s now coming around. And obviously, her human siblings love her.”

Despite the trauma Nugget suffered, she’s still as sociable and loveable as ever.

“Her trust in humans has not wavered. Really, after all that she’s been through, you would think that she would have trust issues with humans in general and would be really standoffish. And, she hasn’t been. Not in the least has she been standoffish, not skittish.”

The family said they’re excited to be a part of Nugget’s new chapter filled with consistency and unconditional love.